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We integrate innovative and high-tech IIoT tools within the business context, allowing your organization to comply with workplace safety regulations and protect people.


Connected Worker

We have created an IoT platform that increases worker safety in the workplace through wearable devices, next-generation sensor networks and proprietary algorithms. The solution is completed by a dedicated web application that allows you to configure the entire ecosystem and automatically manages emergencies and evacuations in complex environments, minimizing intervention times. In a few words: it saves lives.


Best Safe

If the precautions taken are not enough, Best Safe protects your company: it records your data transparently, stores it, and demonstrates that every detail of the legislation has been applied for the safety of your employees.


We can help your business in a variety of ways by combining the different functions of our solutions.
Our applications have been designed to provide a single centralized control, ensuring rescue teams are efficiently managed and intervene in a timely manner. This increases the safety of your employees as required by current legislation and optimizes company resources.

Man down

It detects if there is a "man down" and allows prompt intervention when needed.

Geo Fencing

It ascertains and authorizes access to risk areas within your company’s premises in real-time.


It produces an alarm in situations where there is a risk of collision, alerting the worker at risk and the driver of the vehicle.

Evacuation plans

Check in real-time the number of people who have reached the collection points and quickly identify those who are missing.

Transit control

Detect the movement of people and vehicles in areas with virtual gates, including the direction of transit.

Social distancing

This is an extension of the IoT Connected Worker platform, designed to help prevent the spread of infections during a pandemic.


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Research projects

At Smart Track our continuous research and development activities give rise to solutions based on extensive studies of a diverse range of industrial contexts. The goal of our research projects is to build specific solutions for each company and contribute to the evolution of the IIoT sector.


An IoT and Digital Twin application developed for different contexts and united to optimize operation efficiency.

Safe 4.0

"Predictive safety" to improve the health and safety of operators who work in complex and dangerous environments.


Improve safety for people on board ships through the automated management of emergency events such as a shipwreck

Case history

Ansaldo Energia

In 2018 the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) together with the Liguria Region signed the Innovation Agreement in relation to Ansaldo Energia’s “Lighthouse Plant” project. The agreement outlines that the investment, in addition to the incentives provided for by the Industry 4.0 Plan, will receive a contribution of 25% of the total (20% MISE and 5% Liguria Region)…

Ori Martin Tenova

The Smart Track ecosystem was chosen out of over 100 proposals to increase the safety levels of the workers present within the Ori Martin production site.
The Lighthouse of Ori Martin, a Brescia-based company that produces special steels for automotive and mechanical…


For Grom, a Turin-based company that joined the Unilever group in 2015, the safety of their employees and consumers has always been the first priority.
In recent months, compliance with the measures to contain Covid-19 infections has allowed Grom to continue to offer…

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