The AMT (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti) is a joint-stock company with fully public capital, the exclusive local public transport services provider throughout the metropolitan city of Genoa.

AMT has expressed interest in Smart Track’s proprietary solutions to ensure high safety standards for workers. Particularly, they needed to improve safety in the substation areas by detecting voluntary alarms sent by operators using dedicated wearable devices (SOS) or involuntarily caused by an accident or aggression (man down detection).

The areas of interest are rather challenging places for wireless communications due to rather complex environments without data connectivity. Smart Track has installed its own IoT Connected Worker platform appropriately configured to ensure maximum system performance even in the presence of data connectivity problems.
The design approach for man down detection involved receiving all the scale plans of the target site for the installation, their digitization within the SmartStudio application and the positioning of anchors with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 mesh technology to ensure proper coverage regardless of where the worker is operating.

Data transmission

The mesh network allows the data to be conveyed outside the site by exploiting the anchor-to-anchor communication until it reaches the one under data coverage that allows communication with the central server. With Bluetooth Low Energy technology, each map is divided into grids with each having its own associated BLE anchor.

During an emergency event, the WeTAG communicates with the anchors forwarding the data to the nearest anchors until it reaches the one connected to the grid, which sends the data to the SW on the Smart Track cloud to estimate the location of the emergency event at grid level.

The alarm appears on the SmartStudio web application on the digitized map and alerts are sent to security officers via Telegram chatbot, email, text message and pre-recorded calls.