Martin Bauer has over 150 years of experience in the field of aromatic and medicinal herbs and a long tradition of using the most innovative technologies to prepare natural products with high quality standards.

Martin Bauer, based in Nichelino (Turin), wanted to invest in innovative solutions to increase safety in the workplace for 3 different use cases:

With Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the facility is divided into grids each with its own associated BLE anchor. During an emergency event, the WeTAG communicates with the anchors and the SW present on the Smart Track cloud estimates their position at the grid level. Through the Smart Track algorithms, the possibility of having ambiguity between two neighboring areas is minimized but this possibility is not excluded since the BLE can be affected by interference with the human body. The communication with the central server takes place directly with the M2M sims present on the WeTAG device.

For monitoring social distancing, the same WeTAG wearable devices were used. To do so the relative SW module was enabled, which is capable of promptly alerting operators working at about 2 meters from each other through vibrational and sound alarms present on the wearable device. The solution is completed by the SW application capable of providing a post-contagion analysis with reporting of the list of wearable devices that have been in contact with the positive worker in the last 14 days.

Maximum attention to privacy

The solution was activated, while fully complying with worker privacy, with 2 different levels of data viewing: Smart Track’s SW application does not record any association between the worker’s name and the unique ID of the wearable device, the customer’s data controller instead has the unique association between the worker’s name and the ID of the WeTAG so that only they can know the names of the staff to be quarantined.

The hands-free transit control solution was activated by installing special BLE 5.1 AoA (Angle of Arrival) anchors near the company entrances to monitor the number of people present in the areas to avoid gatherings.

The solution uses the same WeTAG wearable devices used for man down detection and social distancing, the SW application provides an alert when the maximum number of people who can be present at the same time in the monitored areas is reached to limit the spread of Covid-19.