Work safety for the shipyard

A major shipyard chose Smart Track’s solutions to implement automated management of collection points to optimize site evacuation.

The solution installed makes it possible to monitor the customer’s collection points with the data managed centrally by the Smart Track SW application.

During evacuation events, it is possible to visualize in real-time, with a latency of around 60-90 seconds, the number of operators equipped with a TAG BLE / WeTAG wearable devices who have reached the collection point.

The operators do not have to perform any actions; the wearable devices notify their presence directly to the anchors installed at the collection points. For operators not equipped with a wearable device, it is possible to manually confirm their presence at the collection point.

Modular solutions

The SW management solution application is divided into two distinct but interconnected modules, Smart Safety Server and graphic interface.

The first module consists of:

The second SW module is a web application to view and manage the alarm signals on a geo-referenced map of the site and with a Google Maps mashup. In other words, it is possible to manage n sites scattered throughout a region in a single application.

The solution is completed by a tablet provided to evacuation managers with a dedicated Smart Track APP capable of checking the number of people present at the collection point and identifying workers in potential danger.