Work safety for an Italian steel mill

In a major Italian steel mill, in partnership with RINA, a Smart Track man-down verification and geofencing solution was activated to automate worker safety and accelerate the recovery of personnel in danger. The solution is based on the installation of anchors in Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, WeTAG wearable devices and Smart Track’s SW SmartStudio application to obtain a very high accuracy of the emergency event and the possibility of defining different geofenced zones based on risk level and operator profile.

The design approach involved receiving the plans for the blast furnace area and digitizing it within Smart Studio together with the precise positioning of the UWB anchors.
The Smart Track SW is integrated with the RINA application to detect the status / phase of the blast furnace in real-time and consequently able to activate the most appropriate commands to ensure the work area remains safe and limit the possibility of having accidents based on the operator profile present in the different geofencing areas.

Versatility and safety

At the same time, thanks to the versatility of the Smart Track IoT platform for the Connected Worker, it is possible to detect a man down situation in real-time following an accident or aggression and send the geo-referenced alarm directly to the Smart Studio central platform to quickly activate rescue.

Within this site, more than 100 WeTAG wearable devices of different colors have been activated to manage the workers present in the workplace more easily.