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Smart Track solutions respond to the most important social challenge launched by the 4th industrial revolution: leverage new technologies to increase workplace safety. We provide companies with know-how and professionalism for the creation of IoT Connected Worker systems for the safety and security of workers in Industry 4.0.

Our history

Smart Track is an innovative SME from Genoa that was born from an intuition: to apply technological innovations to the safety of workers.

Founded by Saverio Pagano and Simone Peirani under the supervision of Prof. Valle, it has won the most important industrial Open Innovation calls in recent years (Digital X Factory Ansaldo Energia and Ori Martin – Tenova, IREN Startup Award 2018, Digital to Operation 2019 TERNA , Safety Innovation Challenge 2022 Ferrovie dello Stato).

Today Smart Track is growing a lot, it has built a team of professionals who contribute to increasing worker safety through 4.0 solutions, responding to the needs of companies in the field of workplace safety.

Smart Track patents

  • System and method of real-time localization of people in indoor contexts for the safety of workers (patent nr GE2015A000033 on 04/03/2015)
  • System and method of localization, communication and real-time tracking of wearable devices for the integrated management of safety and for the intelligent optimization of evacuation in the event of accidents (Patent No. 102017000134106 on 21/04/2020)
  • System and method of registration, sharing, anonymization and immutable certification of data for the Safety of Workers on blockchain-type DLT system (Patent n. 102019000021537 on 08/03/2022)
  • Safety system for workers (Patent n.1407898 on 23/05/2014)
  • Man – vehicle anti-collision system (patent application n.102022000010640 on 23/05/2022)
  • System for monitoring events relating to the safety of people operating in a work environment (patent application No. 102022000013510 on 06/27/2022).

Our team

Ing. Saverio Pagano
Chief Executive Officer

Saverio, one of the Smart Track founders, is an electronic engineer who completed a master’s degree and thesis at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He specializes in IoT systems, wireless sensor networks, RFID technologies for workplace safety applications.

Ing. Simone Peirani
Chief Technical Officer

Simone, one of the Smart Track founders, is an electronic engineer who completed a master’s degree and thesis in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. He specializes in artificial intelligence algorithms, radiofrequency methods for integrated internal / external localization, programming microcontrollers, and the development of complex IoT systems.

Prof. Ing. Maurizio Valle
Electronic engineer and PhD in electronics and computer science, associate professor at DITEN

Maurizio's expertise ranges from advanced tactile sensory systems to integrated microelectronic systems and wireless sensor networks. At Smart Track he is a reference figure for developing research projects.

Ing. Alessandro Cortese
Software Developer

Alessandro is a Software Developer who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Genoa. At Smart Track he deals with the development of electronics and the FW of Smart Track devices.

Massimiliano Zirilli
Designer, Senior Software Developer

Massimiliano is a SW developer with 25 years of experience in the sector. He is responsible for the development of management software, web applications, smartphone Apps, FW for devices, industrial automation systems and data collection in the field.

Tommaso Martinoli
Software Developer

Tommaso is a Software Developer, he deals with back end and front end development in different programming languages based on project needs. He develops Apps, web applications and management software for clients and research projects.

Dott.ssa Valentina Pepoli
DPO Smart Track

Corporate lawyer, particularly qualified in the privacy field, with a consolidated experience in strategic coordination and management relating to current regulations and the implementation of the GDPR.

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Awards and Recognitions

We compete in Open Innovation projects and contests where our expertise can make a difference.
And, more than once, we win them.


Smart Track is among the winners of the Safety innovation challenge of the State Railways Group 2022

The challenge aimed to recognize digital solutions best suited to improve accident prevention in the workplace and enhance safety.


Winner of the XFactor Open Innovation Challenge 2021 by Ori Martin

Tenova in cybersecurity. Smart Track will see the implementation of its security platform in the Brescia steel mill's Lighthouse Plant Acciaio 4.0.


Best Project Award

Out of 10 finalists - of Terna's 2019 Call for Innovation D2O - Digital To Operation, organized by Digital Magics, Italy's leading startup incubator.


Smart Track is the overall winner of the Unicredit StartLab 2018 Open Innovation call

In the Digital sector, as the best innovative proposal in the ICT sector out of more than 500 startups registered.


Overall winner of the IREN Startup Award 2018 call

In the SEED category out of more than 60 participating startups. The contest aimed to invest up to 20 million euros over three years in the best startups in which the MultiUtility operates.


Overall winner of Ansaldo Energia's 2017 Digital X Factory call for entries

It’s a collaboration with Ansaldo Energia to build one of the 4 Lighthouse Plants - based on digital technologies of the Industry 4.0 program - co-financed by the Intelligent Factory Cluster and the Liguria Region.


Award for best project

Promoted by Fondazione R&I. The purpose of the initiative is to flank and support startups and spin-offs in their technological-industrial and managerial consolidation and development process, facilitating the matching of supply and demand.


Smart Track is the overall winner in the ICT category of the SmartCup Liguria 2014 business plan competition of Regione Liguria

Organized by F.I.L.S.E SpA, the Ligurian financial institution for economic development.


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