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Why should you prevent ?

The Inail rewards companies, operating for at least two years, with a “discount” called “swinging for prevention” (OT / 24) which perform interventions beyond the minimum under the Decree 81/08 for the improvement of safety and health in the workplace.
The IoT safety of workers is an advantage from an economic point of view: It allows to prevent illness and accidents at work and is also a key component of a successful business.
The International Social Security Association of European research has monitored a total of 300 companies and noted that an investment in prevention from a company of € 1.334 per employee per year brings benefits estimated in € 2.940 (per year per employee), which give a Return On Prevention (ROP) average equal to 2,20.


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Workplace accidents around the world (ILO source - International Labor Organization)

Every 15 seconds

153 workers suffer an accident at work

Every day

6300 people die at work

Every year

317 million accidents at work