Best Safe

Protection and traceability for peace of mind

Best Safe is the first data traceability system that protects the company in case of accidents at work. We designed, created and patented it to integrate seamlessly with other IoT devices and features of the Smart Track IoT platform.


Protect your business

Sometimes accidents at work happen despite the precautions taken. Best Safe supports companies in such situations when the necessary solutions introduced to reduce risks have not proved sufficient.

Why Best Safe?

Best Safe helps to verify the responsibility of an accident after it has happened, reducing the risk of convictions in civil and criminal cases. It can be used by any business, large or small, and presents no risks associated with its use.
It also responds to various business needs: it supports certification for insurance, legal and health purposes and certifies compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08.

Product data sheet

Learn all about Best Safe: how it works, specific details, what additional features can be integrated and how it protects your business.


We can help your business in a variety of ways by combining the different functions of our solutions.
Our applications have been designed to provide a single centralized control, ensuring rescue teams are efficiently managed and intervene in a timely manner. This increases the safety of your employees as required by current legislation and optimizes company resources.

Man down

It detects if there is a "man down" and allows prompt intervention when needed.

Geo Fencing

It ascertains and authorizes access to risk areas within your company’s premises in real-time.


It produces an alarm in situations where there is a risk of collision, alerting the worker at risk and the driver of the vehicle.

Evacuation plans

Check in real-time the number of people who have reached the collection points and quickly identify those who are missing.

Transit control

Detect the movement of people and vehicles in areas with virtual gates, including the direction of transit.

Social distancing

This is an extension of the IoT Connected Worker platform, designed to help prevent the spread of infections during a pandemic.


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Best Safe collaborates with WeTag – our wearable safety device for workers- virtual servers, interfaces and additional functionalities designed in house. Best Safe offers highly reliable automated solutions, based on the system it is integrated with.

1. Prevention is the aim, but what if something happens?

We hope accidents never happen, but sometimes they do despite the preventive measures taken.

2. WeTag wearable device

WeTag detects the incident and transmits a signal to the virtual server and to the central event collection interface.

3. Rest assured with evidence

The event data is recorded on a digitized log and is immutable: it cannot be tampered with.

4. Protect your company

Your company will be able to prove that it is not responsible for an accident and that it ensured worker safety.

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