Connected Worker

Your integrated workplace safety system

Connected Worker is the Smart Track IoT platform that increases the safety of operators within the workplace. It does this by interconnecting multiple sensors and devices while respecting privacy regulations.

Enhanced worker safety

Connected Worker is the Smart Track IoT ecosystem that allows your company to adopt all the solutions required by occupational workplace safety law.

It can be integrated with our other functions and is composed of:

WeTAG: a wearable device

WeTAG is the heart of the Connected Worker system: it is a wearable device integrated with the proprietary Smart Track platform that is simple to wear and easily scalable.

The WeTag device permits man-down verification customized according to the needs of the company and operators.

Safety Box: a coverage extension

The  Safety Box is a device that allows you to extend the coverage of the 4.0 worker in places where data connectivity is missing, by creating a security bubble of tens of meters around the worker equipped with a WeTAG.

When a man down or SOS event occurs, WeTag communicates with Safety Box which forwards them directly to the server through LoRaWAN or satellite connectivities.

Anchors and plant sensors

Anchor is a device that allows you to geolocate the emergency event in indoor places without GPS connectivity, where the plant is dividing into grids.

When an alarm event occurs (man down, SOS), WeTAG communicates with Anchors to geolocate itself.

If there is data coverage in the area where we are located, WeTAG send the event autonomously, by exploiting robust and intelligent mesh networks otherwise.


SW platform: Smartstudio

Smartstudio is the software platform that acts as data collector from WeTAGs, Safety-Boxes, anchors and plant sensors and allows, through sound and visual notifications, to alert the supervisors for emergency intervention in case of emergency events.

Smartstudio allows you to customize the entire connected worker by means of a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.




We can help your business in a variety of ways by combining the different functions of our solutions.
Our applications have been designed to provide a single centralized control, ensuring rescue teams are efficiently managed and intervene in a timely manner. This increases the safety of your employees as required by current legislation and optimizes company resources.

Man down

It detects if there is a "man down" and allows prompt intervention when needed.

Geo Fencing

It ascertains and authorizes access to risk areas within your company’s premises in real-time.


It produces an alarm in situations where there is a risk of collision, alerting the worker at risk and the driver of the vehicle.

Evacuation plans

Check in real-time the number of people who have reached the collection points and quickly identify those who are missing.

Transit control

Detect the movement of people and vehicles in areas with virtual gates, including the direction of transit.

Social distancing

This is an extension of the IoT Connected Worker platform, designed to help prevent the spread of infections during a pandemic.


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Connected Worker offers reliable performance and protects the privacy of workers, while they benefit from its potential. Furthermore, when integrated with Best Safe, in addition to saving lives, it will protect your company in case of workplace accidents.

1. WeTAG and Tag wearable devices

Both are wearable devices accompanying a person, simple to use and easy to scale while respecting their privacy.

2. Anchors: facility sensors

They work as "indoor GPS" and can geolocate emergency events in closed places where GPS is not available.

3. AoA anchors

They permit automated transit management and human-vehicle anti-collision in both indoor and outdoor environments.

4. SW platform

It manages safety, receives emergency events, sends alarms and processes them on a georeferenced map.

Why adopt Connected Worker

The integrated Connected Worker system automatically manages emergencies and evacuations, activates alarm signals when there is risk of collision or a man-down and minimizes intervention times. Connected Worker saves lives.

It can also be associated with Best Safe, the patented Smart Track solution that protects a company in the event of a claim.

Product data sheet

Learn all about Connected Worker: how it works, what it can be integrated with and how it protects your employees.

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