Best Safe 4 Iren

BESTSAFE4IREN - LoRa system and blockchain for the standardization and certification of IIoT sensors for Worker Safety and Facility Security 4.0

CO-FINANCED BY: Competence Center CIM 4.0 (CUP B36G20000510007)

Today there are many solutions, devices and sensors to track events related to Worker Safety and Facility Security in the Industry 4.0 environment; however, these solutions do not guarantee the necessary levels of redundancy, security and interoperability in the event of service failures due to adverse emergencies (e.g. terrorist attacks, cyberattacks, pandemic emergencies…).

The BestSafe4Iren™ proposal addresses this need by extending the IoT equipment for Worker Safety 4.0 installed in IREN’s Turin plants with a LoRa wireless infrastructure and a next-generation DLT patent. This technology is capable of certifying data from field sensors in a standardized and anonymous manner on blockchain networks to guarantee the appropriate level of neutrality required for operational, regulatory, insurance and legal use.

Conceived by the SME Innovativa Smart Track S.r.l. from Genoa, the project is completed by the IREN and the subcontractor OdR CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT (also ‘CSP’ for short), which enable the pilot to be brought into operation from TRL 6 to TRL 8.

The technological system proposed to evolve from TRL 6 to TRL 8 during the BestSafe4Iren™ project aims to add versatility and adaptability to different operating conditions, focusing attention on the protection and safeguarding of workers by guaranteeing uniform safety conditions, regardless of the particular site in which they operate.

In particular, the BestSafe4Iren™ proposal addresses the socio-economic context by means of a new extended ecosystem for tracking data and events inherent to Plant Safety and Personnel Safety that is able to:

Smart Track’s role

Smart Track represents the project creator and “applicant” for the BestSafe4IREN™ proposal, contributing its expertise to the Workers’ Safety protection system currently installed at the IREN waste-to-energy (TRM) plant in Turin.

Smart Track leads, with the support of the proposal’s subcontractor OdR CSP, the industrial research component of the Protocol Research Project BESTSAFE4IREN – rev.1.1 – Commercial in confidence. This proposal foresees the extension of IREN’s infrastructure currently based on WIFI and Cellular connectivity, with the Long Range infrastructure (LoRa) already made available to cover the entire municipality of Turin in order to better reach individual remote workers with the functionalities foreseen by the Smart Track solution.

Smart Track also contributes 3 patents drawn up by its members, namely: