Best Safe Patent

BEST SAFE - Immutable data registration, sharing and certification system

CO-FINANCED BY: Brevetti + 2021 Invitalia (CUP C39J22001750008)

The BEST SAFE patent (n.102019000021537 issued on 08/03/2022), co-financed by the Invitalia’s Patent + 2021 call, aims to address the tracking of data from sensors, IIoT equipment and applications in industrial and professional scenarios of various kinds (for example and not exclusively Industrial Plants, Construction Sites, Logistics Systems …). Situations where multiple suppliers operate, using heterogeneous tools, networks and protocols, in order to make the reconstruction of events objectively reliable for the following purposes:

In particular, the architecture underlying the BestSafe ™ method provides for the presence of:

Further details

Invitalia’s support for the engineering of the BestSafe patent is particularly strategic to ensure Smart Track’s competitive advantage over its competitors. The IoT platform for Connected Worker has already received much interest from the market with important installations at leading national and international companies such as Ansaldo Energia, Ori Martin, Leonardo, and GROM (Unilever group). The art. 2087 of the Civil Code requires the Employer, by virtue of their position as guarantor of the physical safety of the worker, to take all measures aimed at safeguarding those who work for them. The mitigation of the criminal risk for the Employer takes place by demonstrating that the “precautionary principle” has been implemented. This means that, in addition to having complied with the rules and having all the related documentation in order, the Employer has maintained a behavior beyond the legal limits by implementing all the proactive measures available on the market to avoid injury and to have the ability to help and intervene promptly during an emergency. During a trial followed by expert lawyers, it is possible to shift the “problem” from criminal to civil, demonstrating the existence of innovative solutions with respect to the mandatory prevention systems defined in the Risk Assessment Document (Documento di Valutazione dei Rischi, DVR).

This aspect is very important for the Employer as it allows them to maneuver from a conviction of a Crime to a Contravention. In other words, there will only be a fine and it will be possible to take advantage of Protocollo Brevetti + 2021: BestSafe – rev.1.1 – Commercial in confidence and all the benefits of the law such as suspended sentences, admission to all mitigating circumstances and lesser consequences such as the possibility to continue business activity related to tenders.

This highlights the importance of being able to provide solutions to improve the level of workplace safety and the need to provide certified data.

This aspect is very relevant to the employer to prove that they have really equipped and used innovative safety systems, but also to insurance companies to equip themselves with innovative solutions to offer to customers for smart claims management as well as a possible discount on facility insurance for their customers.