More Than This

A new MObility REgulation THinking ANd THoroughly Innovative inSpired

CO-FINANCED BY: Liguria Region. Expenditure co-financed with resources POR FESR Liguria 2014-2020 (CUP G32C21000910007)

The idea of the MORE THAN THIS project originated during the historically significant COVID-19 health emergency but broadens its scope to the development of different and complementary research directions, with a general target of proof of concept, starting with the development and testing of a scalable people counting and flow management solution applied to the Genoa Metro with ‘asset-light’ type entrances (without traditional physical turnstiles).

The implementation of this solution is based on a multi-technology Big Data integration approach applied to stations and vehicles. It will allow control room operators to access different functions permitting them to achieve improved network resilience in the presence of anomalies on the network itself or on hierarchically superior or underlying networks in terms of geographical coverage. For this project, a Genoa Metro station (likely De Ferrari) and a set of trains will be suitably equipped. Once scaled up, this solution could support the following functionalities:

Smart Track’s role

Participation in the MORE THAN THIS project is strategic because it allows Smart Track to explore the transport sector, which is not currently part of its core business. Thanks to the collaboration with the other project partners and with the research bodies involved, Smart Track will be able to share its expertise in the study and development of innovative IoT solutions based on the most up-to-date technologies integrated in the project’s ecosystem platform.

It will be particularly important to analyze the state-of-the-art of the application scenario to adapt Smart Track’s patents and support the realization of the project by providing effective solutions for detecting people inside stations and trains.

This approach will make it possible to optimize the presence of users while guaranteeing a high safety standard. In this application context, Smart Track will be able to acquire new specific knowledge in the rail transport sector, enabling it to adapt the methodologies, algorithms and technological solutions it already possesses and develop new competitive approaches with possible new patents. This approach is of strategic interest to Smart Track as it allows it to increase and consolidate its offer by increasing its competitiveness both in the reference market in which it operates and in the new rail transport sector.

Through this project, Smart Track will have the opportunity to collaborate with leading companies in the sector and be able to integrate innovative methodologies in the transport sector into its know-how.

The specific research and development methodologies drawn from the project will allow Smart Track to increase its competitive advantage by consolidating its position on the national and international market. In addition to building specific know-how in the railway sector, completing the project will give Smart Track a competitive edge in offering the latest-generation IoT solutions in these new use scenarios that can be fully integrated into complex ICT platforms such as for MORE THAN THIS.