Scooner (Smart Context aware On and Off board Nautical Emergency Rescue)

CO-FINANCED BY: FILSE, European Regional Development Fund

The SCOONER Project (Smart Context aware On and Off board Nautical Emergency Rescue) was born from a project idea Knowhedge had after the tragedy that struck the Costa Concordia off the island of Giglio on January 13 2012, which resulted in the death of 32 passengers and crew members.

The SCOONER Project aims to combine traditional safety methods and systems in the marine environment with the new frontiers of the internet of things (IoT) and machine learning. It is an opportunity to test new solutions for a long-standing problem, the first hour of emergency management at sea, with the aim of making the rescue of life at sea more efficient and effective.

For this project, Smart Track studied, implemented and integrated safety management on board a ship to minimize intervention times during evacuation and save more lives. Smart Track’s tasks involved the use of IoT technologies, dedicated algorithms, and API development for integration with the SCOONER platform to optimize the management of the application scenario.

The role of Smart Track

Within the SCOONER project, the Smart Track team was responsible for the analysis, research and development of the most appropriate solutions to increase the safety of people on board a ship in order to automatically manage a critical and dramatic event such as a shipwreck. Smart Track developed shipboard safety using dedicated wearable devices, sensor networks to geo-localize the presence of people still missing in a potentially dangerous situation.

In addition, after meetings in Miami at Carnival, the development of a dedicated system for workers’ safety in a ship’s engine rooms was analyzed. The aim is to monitor the presence of personnel in danger in real-time following an emergency event (man down and voluntary SOS alarm) and hands-free transit control with 3D stereo cameras to verify the number of people present inside the engine rooms and any unauthorized people.