SIIGE - Integrated Indoor System for Emergency Management

CO-FINANCED BY: Liguria Region. Expenditure co-financed with POR FESR Liguria 2014-2020 resources (CUP G33G16001670007)

Occupationally related deaths have increased significantly in recent years and thus so too has the need for proactive safety measures. In the specific area of workplace safety measures, there are precise regulations, but the execution of rescue procedures is often left entirely to a human operator, due to the lack of reliable technologies in this area, such as indoor localization.

The aim of the SIIGE project is to engineer the innovative devices and sensors that make up the startup’s prototype indoor tracking system and to develop a user interface to provide effective help in managing emergencies in complex and diverse environments, such as large industries and shipyards (counting people who have reached a collection point, locating people still in a potentially dangerous situation and the fastest route to reach them, etc.).

Proactive security measures

SIIGE also makes it possible to implement proactive safety measures by signaling in real-time the access of a worker to a restricted and/or potentially dangerous area. The project falls within the specialized area of intelligent security and quality of life in the region with particular reference to the sub-section “factories for the future: development of innovative devices and sensors”.

The SIIGE project is oriented towards engineering the first SMART TRACK product and is expected to have a “disruptive” impact on the national and international market.

SIIGE deals with a very relevant and much debated issue; safeguarding people’s safety through rapid response and intervening in dangerous situations. If achieved, accidents can be greatly minimized helping to prevent events which seriously disable workers, while reducing high welfare costs for the state.