Research projects

We were founded on research, and we continue to pursue research activities as a core value of our company.
We carry out research & development projects with customers and partners to achieve the common goal of innovating safety at work.

Custom technology

The engineering expertise of our technicians and in-depth knowledge of the legislation allows us to customize and evolve Smart Track solutions based on ever changing requirements and needs.

Our approach has led us to take on and overcome numerous technological challenges that have given life to the following research projects.

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New Smart Track website and smart working equipment



An IoT and Digital Twin application developed for different contexts and united to optimize operation efficiency.


Safe 4.0

"Predictive safety" to improve the health and safety of operators who work in complex and dangerous environments.

sicurezza sul lavoro navale


Improve safety for people on board ships through the automated management of emergency events such as a shipwreck


Connected Worker

Your integrated workplace safety system Connected Worker is the Smart Track IoT platform that increases the safety of operators within the workplace. It does this

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Best Safe

Best Safe Protection and traceability for peace of mind Best Safe is the first data traceability system that protects the company in case of accidents

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