SIIGE lite Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a small indoor localization system, with low performance compared to SIIGE UWB, that allows you to locate objects and people in indoor environments:

  • Plug & Play- Plug & Play
  • Integration with other systems through Web Service
  • long life BLE TAG (around 2 years)


  • 1 to 10 BLE Anchors- 1 to 10 BLE Anchors
  • 1 to 30 BLE TAGs (Estimote beacons or WeTAG)
  • 1 Server RTLS
  • 1 pre-configured Wifi Access Point
  • 1 to 10 power supplies (220V-5VDC)
  • 4 to 10 power bank 10.000 mA/h
  • user guide


Devices whose position is fixed and known precisely at installation time, to be distributed in the environment to be monitored.

They receive BLE radio signals from beacons or WeTAGs forwarding them to RTLS Server.

Some main features:

dimensions: 59.5 x 109 x 28 mm

power supply 5V (or Power over Ethernet)

BLE 4.2 transceiver

transceivers for routing data to the RTLS server in WiFi (LAN or PoE optional)


BLE Radio device, associated with the object / person to locate, which signals its position within the area to be monitored.

This device is battery powered.

It is possible to set the BLE packet sending frequency and the output transmission power with a dedicated app.


Radio device fully designed by Smart Track associated with the person to locate.
Sends a BLE radio signal to report the position within the area to be monitored and it has an inertial platform for man-down signals and false-alarm handling.

We TAG uses a replaceable CR2477 battery for approximately 24 months.

size: 50 x 40 x 15 mm

Li-Ion battery (CR2477)

battery life around 24 months (replaceable)

wearable in 3 different modes

BLE 4.2 transceiver

inertial platform to signal man-down allarms and false alarm handling

bidirectional communication for sending / receiving alarms (e.g. evacuation)

alarm signaling with buzzer or vibro motor


Embedded pre-configured plug and play device dedicated to:

Computing of the position of Beacons / WeTAG (SmartEngine)

display of Beacons position on a Graphical User Interface (SmartStudio)


Software module that allows you to:

receive BLE data through TCP/IP connection

verify the integrity of BLE data

computes the position of each Beacon or WeTAG with proprietary and patented RTLS algorithms

storage the position of UWB Tag in a database


Software module that allows you to:

real time position of Beacons / WeTAGs

draw a custom map (create vertical, horizontal, diagonal, delete tracts, save and delete the map)

interfacing with SmartEngine and the database in a simple and intuitive way

set the map size

place the Smart Anchor on the map and save their coordinates in a dedicated section of the database