The proposed architecture allows both the arrival distance and angle to be calculated in real-time based on the signal emitted by the WeTAG or Tag. The arrival angle and distance are calculated by using an AoA anchor installed on a vehicle.


Using the arrival angle the direction of the WeTAG / Tags can be detected and used to generate input / output events from a security bubble. Different thresholds can be set for the security bubble along with pre-alarm / alarm signals.

A security bubble is defined as a virtual sphere of a predetermined size, centered on an AoA Anchor, and can detect whether a WeTAG / Tag is in or outside it.


This product uses a novel approach to calculate the arrival distance and direction of WeTAG / Tags towards a target, and is sufficient to install a single AoA anchor on the vehicle of interest (unlike other technologies that require two or more devices).

Each time the WeTAG / Tag enters the bubble, it is possible to generate events in real-time (sound / vibrating / visual alerts) for the vehicle and the WeTAG itself (but not on the Tag).

The solution also includes a tablet installed on a vehicle’s dashboard so that the driver can always see in real-time the presence of any operators in the vehicle’s maneuvering area.