Man down

During an emergency event, the WeTAG communicates with the anchors and estimates its position using a methodology patented by Smart Track with variable accuracy based on the customer's needs.

Furthermore, through proprietary Smart Track algorithms, the possibility of having ambiguity between two neighboring areas is minimized.

Monitoring in real-time

Real-time monitoring of a “man down” situation is possible in 3 ways using an inertial platform present within the WeTAG:

Wide coverage

To ensure the widest possible coverage of a man down situation, it is possible to combine the 3 modes previously described. For example, it is possible to combine modes 1 and 2 in order to sound the alarm when one of the two conditions occurs, or it is possible to combine mode 1 with mode 3.

Since the entire HW platform, with attached FW, is proprietary, it is possible to configure the functions for verifying a man down situation. The solution is completely configurable based on the needs of the customer, as it can be adapted to the tasks performed by an operator to improve and minimize false alarms.