Social distancing

The social distancing module is an extension of the “Connected Worker” IoT platform.

The new release was developed to provide an effective solution to counter the spread of COVID-19 and support industry to resume their daily activities. It improves worker safety, and in doing so helps to secure the success of a company.

 This solution is capable of monitoring the distances between people in real-time. It can work in standalone mode or can forward geo-referenced information to the SW platform. Authorized personnel can use the collected data for post-contagion mapping & reporting to determine the individuals contacted.

The solution is available in two different levels.

Level 1

This standalone solution exclusively uses WeTAG devices to monitor distances between personnel and can be worn around the neck or hooked onto a belt. If a worker is less than two to three meters from a colleague, the WeTAG of both personnel signals an audible and / or vibration alarm.

Each WeTAG worn by workers exchanges radio frequency information with the WeTAGs worn by colleagues. Using proprietary algorithms and methodologies, each WeTAG estimates the distance between two or more people and promptly alerts them of the danger through acoustic and vibration alarms that are activated directly on the operator’s wearable device.

It should be noted that the set thresholds may vary depending on how the WeTAG is worn and the positioning of colleagues, similarly to how WiFi signals are weakened by obstacles such as walls.

Level 2

It complements the previously described ‘standalone’ solution by forwarding ‘proximity’ alarms to the SW platform enabling authorized personnel to carry out mapping & post-infection reporting.