Smart Track systems have been designed and built to cover the most complex occupational safety cases.
There is always a common goal regardless of how the solutions are applied, and that is to protect companies and workers from any type of risk.

Performance and integration

Our IIot workplace safety systems are composed of different applications and devices, which work together to offer a high performance and integrated experience.

We design and update our platforms to always ensure they are user friendly for end users and system managers.

Our work safety solutions are:

Use cases

Man down

It detects if there is a "man down" and allows prompt intervention when needed.

Geo Fencing

It ascertains and authorizes access to risk areas within your company’s premises in real-time.


It produces an alarm in situations where there is a risk of collision, alerting the worker at risk and the driver of the vehicle.

Evacuation plans

Check in real-time the number of people who have reached the collection points and quickly identify those who are missing.

Transit control

Detect the movement of people and vehicles in areas with virtual gates, including the direction of transit.

Social distancing

This is an extension of the IoT Connected Worker platform, designed to help prevent the spread of infections during a pandemic.


Connected Worker

Your integrated workplace safety system Connected Worker is the Smart Track IoT platform that increases the safety of operators within the workplace. It does this

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Best Safe

Best Safe Protection and traceability for peace of mind Best Safe is the first data traceability system that protects the company in case of accidents

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